Extreme artistry in the shadow of Ute Mountain
Judy works to record God’s creation with her talents, and to bless those who view and display her art.
Portraying contemporary life in a style of 1,000 years ago
A painter, swing dancer, angler and skier, hiker and cyclist
Inspired by the power of plein air painting
Through dream work I have learned to delve into the realm of the unconscious and freely and unselfconsciously play with the images and words from my dreams
Inspired by the great Impressionists
I live and paint on our family homestead while tending our gardens and animals, and playing in beauty.
Bold, colorful, often graffiti-like paintings
Capturing the essence of New Mexico
Mythological, Shamanic paintings and more
Mystical Transformative Imagery
Wild pigments and found objects make transformative works.
explore the work of a multi-talented artist
Painting the people and landscapes of northern New Mexico
My work is an exploration of my soul life.
Probing and interacting with “place” is central to my process.
“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of all true art and science.” A. Einstein
I feel like I’m plugged into the universe when I lose myself in the looking and drawing.
Portraying these wild beings in a vivid non-local palette, with tenderness, allows the viewer to approach their soulfulness with greater ease.
"The best reward is knowing my paintings give light to the lives of others."
My passion is the land, finding inspiration literally everywhere.
I look for ways to push the materials and bend the scene to the feelings that led me to make that particular picture.
The original family-run business was first a general merchandise store that carried everything from coffins to clothing. Now a coffee shop, museum and art gallery. Come explore!
Writer Ellen Wood paints under her father’s middle name: Maruška.
I am inspired by the patterns in nature, such as the patterns on a piece of bark.
Her art is an expression of how she sees the world, in bright colors, thick lines and full of texture.
I respect the forces that shape our land, which in turn shape our local cultures,
Bold, loose oil paintings of the New Mexico landscape.