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In the store, Cynthia represents over 12 local artists. The artwork includes traditional woodworking, carving, and quilting as well as jewelry, painting, and pottery.


Rael’s Market, which has been around since 1927, has become the “new” traditional artist gallery as well as a little local museum and coffee shop. The original family-run business was first a general merchandise store that carried everything from coffins to clothing. It was the place to get anything you needed in Questa. It even held one of the first phone booths in the area.

It is a place to step back in time, to slow down, to visit and to reflect on today and also the past. Cynthia and her family try to keep Rael’s Market going. She says it is a place to “Live Our History.” It is the arts, the history, and the culture of the area that her family has focused on and Cynthia wants to keep it that way.


Cynthia Rael
Rael’s Market

Other Local Artists

Mystical Transformative Imagery
Creating a vessel requires patience and commitment to a process that is thousands of years old.
I simply go for a hike and see a lovely flower that the light hits just so, and that inspires a new piece of jewelry.
I am deeply committed to our earth’s health and a sustainable future between humanity and the rest of the world.