Questa Creative Council

Home of the Questa Art Tour

Current Projects

It's a bright and festive celebration of talent and community warmth.
Let's play with clay! Part of our Art-for-All series. On Thursdays 5 to 9 pm.
Art materials for kids. FREE to local youth.
Multi-generational classes and workshops
Artists, challenge yourselves to create in a short time frame, and be amazed at our local public lands' beauty
Hosted in intimate unique venues, these events honor the history of musical gatherings and community
Discover the Artist Directory pages with images and contact information for each.
Walk the trail in downtown Questa, and read more here for deeper insights, including locals' memories
The first tour in the northern New Mexico art-tour season, now in its 8th year! From the traditional to the modern, with over 50 participating artists, every August.
Handmade artistic goods, from leather to earrings to paintings! Music and good fun, too!


Banners displays the artwork of local artists and craftspersons, very colorfully!
Handmade wood carving by local artisans

Past Projects

Musician and Costilla native Chris J. Arellano directs this initiative, funded by a New Mexico Arts CARES grant.
These retrospective pieces will provide opportunities to celebrate, reengage with, reflect on and learn from the many featured and contributing artists.
Four days of open painting, workshops and demos, a Quick-Draw event, and a concluding Art Show with awards and prizes.