Questa Music Series

Hosted in intimate unique venues, these events honor the history of musical gatherings and community

Live and Collaborative Concerts

Since 2018, the Questa Music Series (previously named Questa Chamber Music Series) has given a venue in the rural context of Questa to talented local and visiting musicians. These events are often hosted in an intimate or unique venue; in doing so it honors the history of musical gatherings and community.

Questa Music Series gives a venue in Questa that honors the history of musical gatherings, as a profound way to build community. The term “chamber music” was coined in the late 1700s to indicate live musical performance in a chamber, or a room, with a small number of performers (3-5) and a limited number of persons in attendance, and usually as part of a longer gathering that might have involved a meal and lively discussions. It also implied that acoustic instruments were to be used with no amplification required.

We now think of our music series as a place to hear music performed in an intimate setting, where interaction between audience and performer is desired and expected! Pairings of music with food, drinks, and discussion is part of the experience.

Our collaborative partner is Sala, located at 2331 Hwy 522.

Rural Questa will benefit as audience members, and local / regional classical musicians will have a venue to play that is not as far away as Alamosa, CO (80 miles) or Taos (25 miles).