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Peggy Trigg

I love to play with design in my landscape painting. Inside, I play with design in abstraction and fiber.


About the Art

My goal when painting the landscape of the Southwest is to capture the essence of my senses. Most often I paint on location and work toward trying to capture what that environment tells me. I’m not worried about capturing exactly what I see, but rather the feeling of the place. I work loose, trying to capture the essence fast, before it slips away. Most often, I complete most of the painting on location with just a few touch-ups in the studio.

I was raised on a ranch in New Mexico; the land is what I love. The materials I use vary. Sometimes I want the fast intensity of a larger brush stroke while working in acrylics and at other times, I work in oils using a spatula or large palette knife. The colors I lay down are not often the exact colors I see but rather, what the environment asks of me. I like to “push” the color.


I paint the Southwest because I love the land! Being raised in the country, I have a strong tie to it. It’s a sense of deep emotions, of memory, and of history. While I am painting, I try to capture the feeling of the place, what is all around me: the smells, what I hear, and what I see – a complete picture.

My abstracts represent “My Other Side.” I play with emotions through color, shapes, and energy to make playful compositions.


Peggy Trigg
Represented by: Wilder Nightingale, Taos, La Mesa Gallery, Santa Fe, Romero Street Gallery, Albuquerque, and Taos Art Museum at the Fechin House: Local Prints at Fine Art New Mexico
PO Box 586
Questa, NM 87556

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