mixed media

I am deeply committed to our earth’s health and a sustainable future between humanity and the rest of the world.
perfecting his skills for over 20 years
Inspired by the great Impressionists
I live and paint on our family homestead while tending our gardens and animals, and playing in beauty.
Wild pigments and found objects make transformative works.
explore the work of a multi-talented artist
My work is an exploration of my soul life.
I am inspired by the patterns in nature, such as the patterns on a piece of bark.
Her art is an expression of how she sees the world, in bright colors, thick lines and full of texture.
I do landscapes, figures and still lives, inspired by nature and by my travels.
Nature-based large scale events/installations. Mulitmedia—photos and drawings and paintings.
I respect the forces that shape our land, which in turn shape our local cultures,