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David Trowbridge

About the Art

As a disabled vet, it was simple boredom that found him looking for a craft to pursue. His interest in woodworking and furniture design was inspired by online images of what others had created and thinking “I can do that”. David has been perfecting his skills for over 20 years.

He also creates multi-media installations just to exercise his mind and talents. He sells his original furniture pieces via Facebook (see above). He does not take commissions at this time due to unpredictable health constraints, but has a huge inventory of his own creations and is eager to reach customers, to share his pieces and make room for building more!


David was born in Ohio, and grew up in Kentucky and Florida before joining the military where he served in Germany. In 1991, he was re-assigned to Colorado where he has has lived ever since, first in Colorado Springs and now near his wife’s family in Jaroso on the New Mexico border.


David Trowbridge
A1 Furniture Creations
PO Box 86
Jaroso, CO 81137

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