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I respect the forces that shape our land, which in turn shape our local cultures,


About the Art

Since she moved to Lama, NM, Monique has been working in three different techniques.

The first is a combination of painting and drawing using acrylic ink, either on paper or on wooden cradled boards. These colorful paintings, mostly diptychs ranging from 8” by 16” to 12” by 24”. They are mental “snapshots” of the ever-changing quality of light, color and mood of vistas that she happens to observe from her property, or while driving. As these “snapshots” are firmly burned into her memory, she has no need to use photos for reference. She first blocks in the main shapes with a brush, then uses pen and ink to overlay the painting with patterns describing various surface qualities in fine detail.

Her second approach falls into the category of mixed media, where Monique re-uses old watercolors, prints and drawings to create small, collaged landscapes, often with a small woman in it who expresses in her body language an emotional state, an insight, or a particular memory. 

Her third approach allows for a greater sense of creativity and exploration, while still depicting the northern New Mexico landscape with its huge variety of textures and vegetation. However, She is drawing with just one color of acrylic ink onto a large wooden cradled board, 36” by 24”, with a lively underpainting of Burnt Sienna and Payne’s Gray acrylic paint.

She typically includes small cultural vignettes that attest to the history and viability of the older local cultures, Indian and Hispanic, such as an almost forgotten local cemetery or traditional activities such as picking mushrooms and collecting pinon nuts. She draws each tree, shrub and rock as an individual and inserts various birds to add narrative.

These lush, rich and varied pieces are truly unique and invite the viewer to slow down in this fast-paced era and mindfully wander around and discover what it means to live in the northern Sangre de Christo mountains.


Hailing from Germany, Monique began showing her work there at the age of 22. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education in Munich with a thesis “The Development of Lanscape Painting in European Medieval Manuscripts”. She moved to the U.S. in the late 80’s, living in the Pacific Northwest for a number of years before coming to New Mexico.

  Wherever she has moved in the past, the light particular to the place is the most important aspects for me, because I breathe and live landscape – it is the reason that she is now living at 8100 feet elevation in this most fascinating area in Northern New Mexico, where the eye can travel endlessly in each direction.

“Clouds above me often veil the mountains, sometimes below me they obscure the valley. I have the choice between mountains, an ocean of sagebrush, the Rio Grande gorge, pinon forests or close-up wildflowers. I can breathe freely in this wide-open space.”

Monique added to her studies with two Master of Arts with Distinction degrees from the University of New Mexico. She has shown at over 100 group shows and more than 50 solo shows both in the U.S. and abroad.


Monique Belitz
Galleries: Magpie Gallery, Wilder Nightingale Gallery
119 Kit Carson Rd
Taos, NM 87571

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