Audrey Kunkel

fine, unique beaded jewelry and cute amigurumi yarn animals for that special child!


About the Art

Audrey has always been an “Artsy” type but in the mid 1980s she was bitten by the beading bug! She’d seen some beautiful, beaded earrings made by a neighbor and that was it for her. Over the years she’s thoroughly loved learning the many different stitches and techniques. Then, in early 2016, she found out she was going to be a Gramma, Audrey decided to teach herself to crochet. She’d always wanted to learn this and it was now time – aside from the baby booties, hats, and blankets for her family, she discovered and has perfected her technique in creating little yarn animals called ‘amigurumi’, a Japanese word for crocheted and knitted stuffed toys .

The next chapter in her creative life began in 2020 when Audrey resolved to start painting. She wanted to start small and also find a canvas that was inexpensive. She chose rocks! They are so abundant around where she lives and come in all sorts of sizes that spark her imagination and exercise her talents. And she still loves her beading and crochet work. Hence her new name, Birdlady Creations!


A New Mexico gal, Audrey has lived on the mountainside north of Questa for over 40 years. She inherited an artistic nature from her mom and has designed beadwork since she was a teenager. “I would not feel complete if I couldn’t create,” Audrey says. She is at work on something every day, often working on more than one piece at a time, but always quietly finishing what she started. Her beaded jewelry and accessories are some of the most admired in the Taos area. And her yarn ‘amigurumi’ are fast catching up!


Audrey Kunkel
BirdLady Creations
HC81 Box 634
Questa, NM 87556

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