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Jeffroy Brunson

Bold, colorful, often graffiti-like paintings


About the Art

Jeff is an irrelevant revenant known as Nightrid3r to this day. Aesthetic anarchist. Bold, colorful, often graffiti-like paintings and pastels.


the artist’s statement; John Jeffroy was born as an Aries in the willows under a burning moon in SoCo, 1975. He was raised and reared in Red by greater angels. Schooled in an Eagles’ Nest, and Cimarron. Received a bachelor’s degree in painting and drawing from The Rock, Denver, Colorado, 1998. His mentors were educated by Hoffman and Chaos. Returned to Red and became an novice alchemist for the local ski area. Tried teaching, but found he was an eternal child.


Jeff Brunson
PO Box 423
Questa, NM 87556

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