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Mose Rainault

Tables I especially love making because a table is where people meet, where you share, where you have arguments that are safe because you’re sitting on the other side of a table.


About the Art

His work gets to you by word-of-mouth. He doesn’t  advertise. People in the Taos or Red River area are invited to call Rainault and he will bring photographs of his work and discuss their project.


Thirty years ago, Mose Rainault, a native of Canada who has been a resident of Taos County now for 36 years, made a piece a furniture at someone’s request. He realized that furniture-making was truly the creative and focused activity which could turn his life around.

“Somebody left a little 10-inch table saw on the porch one day. I don’t know who it was, and I started making crosses.” After this table saw was left on his porch, adding further buoyancy to his newfound direction, he moved to Sunshine Valley, then – as now – a rather remote area north of Questa, where he embraced a healthy lifestyle and opened the door to creating one-of-a-kind functional and beautifully crafted tables, shelves, bed frames, and trasteros.

Rainault previously had a shop displaying his work, but now does not show in the Taos area, except for the Questa Studio Tour in August. He also does not have a web page.


Mose Rainault

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