Laura Holk

Unique colors and shapes of the natural world


About the Art

Though having had a lifetime of creativity, Laura feels new to the artworld. As of right now, she’d like to perfect her skills with resin to make river tables and counter tops. She’d also like to teach herself how to use a wood lathe. What she creates can be triggered by a feeling or from inspiration from nature. Many days, she looks ot at the landscape and beautiful views from her home and finds color schemes in nature that she seeks to duplicate in a bracelet or necklace.

She often has several pieces in progress at once. Charcuterie boards can take a month or two to complete due to all the sanding prior to other design elements. She does not own a large industrial sander but uses n orbital sander starting with 40 grit sandpaper and working her way up to 3000 grit, a process that can take many days. Her jewelry pieces are a welcome break, and she can sometimes make three pieces of these smaller creations in one day.

It’s too cold to work with resins in the winters here because it won’t cure properly, so she finds herself focusing on jewelry and band saw boxes. Stringing beads is therapeutic for her. Oftentime, she finds herself staring out the winter windows letting her thought swirl around new creative ideas. Sometimes this is done in silence, and sometimes she listens to music, and often she works with her animals nearby. And sometimes daily responsibilities prevent her from creating anything at all.

She started her new craft very basic with medallions of wood as the focal point in a piece of jewelry, then expanded to making unique home goods such as coasters and boards, all with color schemes found in nature and duplicated in her work.


Laura is from a military family, born in San Diego and raised all over the country. This made for an adaptable personality always able to amuse herself, and with surrounding nature being the main constant. A great observer with a creative mind, her artistry was evident when she began teaching, first in California then in Florida.

As a high school teacher, she focused on photography and journalism in addition to English Language Arts. Her instruction in yearbook development involved not just writing but color, design, and layout. She used art to help her students make connections to the text they were studying, as her own skills advanced.

When she left teaching, she intended to develop her poetry and photography, but new technologies that replaced the darkroom did not hold the appeal she’d felt previously, and poetry did not use all her talents. Traveling to New Mexico on a whim, she has been here since 2018. Laura found herself in a new place, surrounded by the unique colors and shapes of the natural world and found herself designing wood and stone jewelry, as well as charcuterie boards of wood, resin and beadwork.


Laura Holk
PO Box 294,
Questa, NM 87556

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