Ellen Wood • Maruška

As Ellen Wood, my work is words. As a painter, I use my father’s middle name: Maruška.


Yes, I reversed early symptoms of Alzheimer’s (I have the gene!) with my program of daily practices that I began in 2004 and share with you in two award-winning volumes of “The Secret Method for Growing Younger.”



About my Art

My artworks are representational as well as abstract. My unique style is imbedding images in the five basic shapes of Sacred Geometry: spiral, straight line, square, circle and triangle. 
For some unknown reason, my muse insists I put a heart in each of my paintings. In Sacred Geometry Everywoman, there are four.

Books & CD

If you’d like a FREE mp3 of track 3 of my Affirmations CD to listen to and then repeat, just send a request to ellen@howtogrowyounger.com


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Ellen Wood
Columnist, award-winning author and painter