About Questa Creative Council

Formed in the fall of 2017, the Questa Creative Council is a dynamic group of local creative thinkers, artists, cooks, and “doers” from the Questa area. In order to implement projects and secure revenue, the group applied for and received 501(c)(3) status. The purpose of the nonprofit is to act as an arts council through community collaborations and events for the Hwy 522 corridor north of Taos, with a focus on Questa and its immediate surrounding communities.

In addition to visual arts and traditional and contemporary crafts, we will also encompass the performing and literary arts, culinary arts, local culture, history, and in education outreach with an eye to “placemaking” in our unique village.

Executive Director:

  • Sierra Hedberg

QCC Board Members:

  • Alberta Bouyer (Chair)
  • Mary Jo Kelly (Treasurer)
  • Martha Shepp (Secretary)
  • Flavio Cisneros and Claire Coté (Members at Large)
    plus Jeannie Masters, Kate Cisneros, Nancy Parker, and Ellen Wood.

Learn more about QCC projects here.

Our Mission

Questa Creative Council seeks to strengthen and sustain community enrichment and economic opportunities through arts, culture, history, and education.

Our Vision

We will enhance opportunities to build cooperation among artists, artisans, cultural creatives and community members. We will help build a beneficial future while nurturing, sustaining or reviving traditional and contemporary creative pursuits.


Questa is located in Taos County, New Mexico, in the southwest region of the United States. The population is roughly 1,800. Questa is renowned for the beautiful scenery and public lands that surround the small, historic village. The Rio Grande del Norte National Monument is to our west and the Carson National Forest is to our east. Questa’s elevation is 7,461 feet. Once a mining town, it is finding its way into a new day of eco-tourism, clean energy, artistry, and safe business development.