One silver lining to pandemic delays is that many categories of long-awaited work is being done by those away from their usual roles. The late-summer of 2020 is seeing the engineering of our historic church’s parking lot. This work to mitigate drainage issues has been envisioned since the completion of the church restoration, and will be a huge benefit to parishioners and History Trail walkers alike.

What this means for the moment, however, is that the full route of the trail is interrupted as it passes around the church, and the informational signage by the acequia crossing is not available. (Though the long-awaited new bridge is in place between the church and the Parish Center!) With a much-abbreviated celebration once planned for Labor Day, we will now await the completion of this work, re-assess, hope we have all stayed well during this worrisome time, and will announce far and wide the opening of the full trail route!